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Are you a clubfoot treatment provider interested in receiving a donation of MiracleFeet braces? Please fill out the fields below and someone from MiracleFeet will contact you.

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We are open to Technical Assistance Partnership applications from prospective Ponseti trained partners who provide clubfoot treatment to children. These partnerships could involve supply of the MiracleFeet Foot Abduction Brace (FAB), use of the CAST App/CAST Community Support, and/or support with training. Qualified Partners providing services to low income children are eligible to receive the MiracleFeet Foot Abduction Brace for free or at sharply discounted prices.

To evaluate a prospective partnership, we need to know more about your clubfoot treatment work. Please answer the questions below and return this application to MiracleFeet. The more detailed and complete your answers, the easier it will be to process your application.

MiracleFeet Prospective Technical Assistance Partner Application

MiracleFeet Prospective Technical Assistance Partner Application
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What is the name and address, including country, of the clubfoot clinic where you work?

Any potential agreement must be signed by the accountable manager responsible for the clubfoot clinic.